In our rapidly changing world, new standards, systems and regulatory requirements are emerging all the time. Parallel to this trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult in many areas of the finance and legal field to attract and retain top talent.

Source Staffing helps you in getting efficient human resources to empower your operations, sales, marketing and other departments

We render our services across all industry verticals such as Management, IT, Administration, Manufacturing, Trading / Export - Import, Hotel Industry, Banking /Finance /Marketing, Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life-Sciences, Entertainment, Media, Communication, Automobile, Auto Components, Retailing, Hospitality Services , Technology , Software Services , Telecommunication , Retail / FMCG and Industrial Products.

We Banking Finance & Legal specialises in the temporary and permanent placement of talented accounting, finance and legal professionals.

For companies to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, it is crucial that their finance and legal departments be responsive and adaptable, and that they have the best recruitment partner to tap into the talent in the market. Our experts build on-going relationships with our associates by providing specialised staffing expertise, career guidance and coaching, and access to a wide range of job opportunities.

We act as trusted advisors to our clients by providing tailored solutions, top quality resources, and high-touch customised service to meet all of your unique staffing needs.

Source Staffing acts as a bridge between employers and the job seekers. Unarguably, we are the most reliable and one stop solution of all your manpower needs. We excel in providing manpower for senior, middle and junior management level, with an endeavor to render you with best professionals.

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What We Do

Transforming The Way You Hire & Manage Manpower

Source Staffing has a in-house team of expert people with technical

or non technical skill set through which we provide services to our

various clients.


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Benefits of Working with Us

Source Staffing has a inhouse team of expert people with technical or non technical skill set through which we provide services to our various clients.

Cost effectiveness- we would help you saving cost

Saving salary costs including statutory PF, insurances and personal income tax

Knowledge transfer and training courses from secondment

Flexible and efficient solution to quickly and efficiently solve any problems arising.

Having a support team from a professional firm during secondment

More focus on core business areas

No Trainings required- as our resources are trained and experienced

Allocation of resources as per the needs and requirements of the client and budget.

Temporary vacancy position need to be supported by a temporary qualified staff

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